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Magnolia Colfax Center

Corner Commercial-Mixed Use Rejuvenation prototype. The chiropractic medical tenant improvement was completed in time for the physician to move in according to schedule. Modulations in fenestration present attractive proportions to the eye while reflecting the optimal layout for the interior suite plan.

Four segments of work, fees, and time were defined by the four separate building permit applications: Driveway revision. Parking lot restriping. Change of Use from garage to commercial office. Medical office tenant improvement

Colfax-Magnolia Corner Commercial Center Development Renovation (with pre-existing non-conforming use) had difficulty complying with current parking requirements. Current landscape requirements (5% of total lot area and sprinklers) were not subject to being "grandfathered" along with the non-conforming separation between first floor commercial occupancy and second floor mixed use of office and apartment occupancies.

To maximize the site's parking for the future build-out of an existing but unused garage - intended structure, the existing parking layout was scrutenized down to the inch for compliance with Building and Safety code. Driveway revision negotiations with the LA Department of Transportation revealed a wide variance between what was stipulated and the actual dimension of the driveway as determined actually by the Building and Safety inspector. Mixed messages from the LA DOT held the project's final plans in the sway. The decision to realize the site's unused structure for the highest and best use came only after the revised driveway was actually completed. The lesson learned here was that the DOT does not follow through their planning dictates to construction.

Sensing that the building originally built for garage occupancy had a higher and better use but unsure what the specific tenant improvement occupancy was, Architect Lindblad led the project team to obtain a change of use from car parking to medical. The just-approved permit of site parking restriping and landscape revision underwent yet another round of revisions to accomodate the extra parking required by the medical use. Taking advantage of tandem parking allowed by the upper floor apartment complement in the mixed use yield the requisite additional surcharge of parking.

Garage Parking is transformed to Clinic

(Work-in-Progress) Parapet is added to a 850 square-foot building housing a medical tenant improvement.

A certain impetus to the overall Commercial-Mixed Use revamping was the opening of the close-by North Hollywood-Downtown Los Angeles metrolink, which in turn, is spurring a larger 'reinvention' of North Hollywood's historic business district - evidenced by a proposed regional commercial complex at Lankershim and Magnolia Boulevards.

Adapting the building originally built as a pair of abutting double car garages involved removing a common wall and floor slab leveling, a storefriont window design and stucco parapet which would best exemplify the chiropractic use of the space. The exam spaces fit nicely within the overall length of the existing structure.

High Tech Diagnostics

This pioneering medical center offers residents of the West San Fernando Valley and Ventura County one of the first installations of Magnetic Resonating Imaging (MRI), the state-of-the-art non-evasive diagnostic tool.

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