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Recent examples of cruciform plan church renovations

St Joseph's Restoration Project - As well as completing, the sanctuary wall, restoring the high altar, protecting all the stained glass windows, improving physical access, increasing the seating capacity, plans including stablising the front steps.

Ever Ancient, Ever New: New Missouri Church Builds on Tradition - Adoremus Bulletin Adoremus: Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy Vol. V, No. 7: October 1999 Father Alex Anderson

Opposition to and criticisms of recent renovations

Vatican Opposes Church Renovation - In a surprising, public disclosure, the Vatican has notified Milwaukee's diocese that plans to radically renovate a cathedral would violate church law.

The Renovation Manipulation: Church Counter Renovation Handbook - $12.95 + ($2.95 shipping and handling)

St. Martin of Tours Church, Cheviot, Oh. - The parishioners were led to believe through a video and fancy brochure, that the fund drive was to restore painting, plastering and woodwork in the church and build a "Parish Center" (essentially a gymnasium).

Church Renovation or Restoration? - The future of sacred architecture depends on a rediscovery of both architecture and the sacred. And while there is a great hunger today for both, and legitimate movements seeking these goals, they are pursuing them at this time separately. It is the Church alone who, in seizing the moment, can reunite architecture and the transcendent. A new springtime in the Church's life will produce a new church architecture of great vitality and spirituality.

Catholic Insight on Modernism

Modernist Language Exposed

Catholic Liturgical Library folder - Catholic Insight

Catholic Liturgical Library

Liturgical Architecture - Its Abuse and Restoration - by Anthony Delaru

Canons concerning the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist (September 5, 1551)

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy - Sacrosanctum Concilium - December 4, 1963 - Vatican Council II

April 2001 Feature articles - Catholic Insight

Cathedrals and Basilicas - Parish Churches, Monasterie

Architecture - Cathedrals and Basilicas - Parish Churches, Monasteries - 81 links - but some are broken

St. Thomas Church - Built in 1923, St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Church building is considered the "first modern Catholic church building" because its architecture anticipated many of the liturgical changes of Vatican II.

Table of Contents - the Official Saint Louis Cathedral Web Site - New Orleans Louisiana - The faith community of St. Thomas is a vibrant and welcoming 1,200-member multicultural parish in the University of Chicago neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

Saint Louis Cathedral - Virtual Tours - Around - Cathedral of Saint Louis King of France, A Minor Basilica established as a Parish in 1720 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Tour - St. Benedict's Monastery - St. Joseph, Minnesota - Paul Lindblad's Aunt Joan (Sister Owen Lindblad, OSB)

Historical Catholic Church renovation

St. Brendan's Church of Ireland Cathedral in Clonfert - 'My Place Amongst The Stones'

Churches of Kilmore - 1700-1975

The Many Mansions of God's House - The Religious Built Environment as Assimilation and Differentiation - James Hudnut-Beumler, Vanderbilt University

Cathedrals - French Cathedrals, Basilicas and Churches @ Globe-Gate - A cathedral is more than a church; this cruciform building is the seat of a Catholic bishop or an archbishop's dominion.

Miscellaneous mentions

St. Charles Catholic Church-Seeing Stars: Churches of the Stars - Small picture of North Hollywood's St. Charles Catholic Church exterior. Valleywood

Reverence at St. Charles Borromeo - Society for renewal of sacred liturgy

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission | April 2001 | I Don't Think in Latin: Best and Worst Parish Survey Results - Both scathing remarks and kudos are given to North Hollywood's St. Charles Catholic Church.

Eucharistic Adoration in the State of California


The Borromeo heritage - biography

Catholic Community NET - Directory - Saint Charles Borromeo

Open Directory - Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations: Catholicism: Saints: C: Saint Charles Borromeo

St.Charles Borromeo

Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop and Confessor (November 4)-Collects, Epistles and Gospels for the Proper of Saint

Charles Borromeo, Saint on 2002

Prayer to Saint Charles Borromeo

The Borromeo String Quartet

Famiglia Borromeo

Collegio Borromeo - Piazza Borromeo, 9 - 27100 PAVIA

A Full Life | Borromeo Seminary | Vocation Office for the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

Patron Saints Index: Charles Borromeo

Saint Patrick's Church: Saints of November 4

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Society of St. Charles Borromeo



St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Brunswick Maine Portland

Domestic-Church.Com: Saint Profile: Saint Charles Borromeo

St Charles Borromeo

St. Charles Borromeo-Feast: November 4

St. Charles Borromeo, Anwerp - Vienna

Antwerp St. Charles Borromeo's Church Antwerp churches and tourism

St. Charles Borromeo, Anwerp - Ideas for brightening the interior.

VIRTOURIST.COM: 5/43.- Vienna, Church of St Charles Borromeo - The dome is similar to the central dome at North Hollywood's St Charles Church.

Schools named St Charles

Home Page-St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School

St. Charles Borromeo School - Tacoma, Washington

St. Charles Borromeo School-cinnaminson new jersey - Contemporary exterior

US churches named St. Charles Borromeo

St Charles Borromeo Parish, Rochester NY-Alleluia Christ is Risen-midi Music! - Contemporary exterior

Phototour of Minneapolis - St.Charles Borromeo -Italianate exterior

St. Charles Borromeo in Woonsocket, RI - Gothic look

St. Charles Borromeo Of Peru Home Page - Gothic exterior

St. Charles Borromeo

St. Charles Borromeo-Brooklyn Heights, N.Y-join the chior - Traditional exterior

St. Charles Borromeo Parish, San Diego CA - Mission exterior - Trent interior layout

Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church of Picayune, MS-guided tour -Trent interior layout

St. Charles Borromeo Parish-Archbishop of Seattle - Modern exterior - Vatican II interior

St. Charles Borromeo, Kettering, OH -Contemporary exterior - Vatican II interior

St. Charles Borromeo Parish-Archdiocese of Santa Fe - Mission exterior

St. Charles Church and School-Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph -Contemporary exterior

Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church -Contemporary exterior

St Charles Borromeo - Home Page / Ordinary Time -Contemporary exterior


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