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A compendium of MiniCad 5 - 6 - 7 tips from contributors to the MiniCad Distribution List. MiniCad later evolved into VectorWorks 8.

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The Practice: About the firm of Lindblad Architects

Entering our twenty-third year of private practice, we continue to deliver design excellence over the gamut of architectural services: pre-design, schematic, and interior design, construction documentation, jurisdictional approvals and construction management.

Techniques, Specialties & Examples

We employ high-performance-outcome techniques including risk management, value engineering, project cost analysis in: 1) end user and client interaction, 2) consultative team building, and 3) development of collaborative working environments.

Inside the new offices of Lindblad Architects

Our repertoire of specialized building types (medical, religious, commercial, residential) require application of the best-suited aesthetic and functional expressions. We derive appropriate responses from: market-driven reforms in health care and technological innovation; symbolism and liturgical interpretations, respect of cultural context in renovation; and sensitivities of residential lifestyles' emotional aspects.

Aspen Center Outpatient Surgery Center & MRI Facility

St. Jane's Church Interior Renovation

If you provide two of the three project variables (completion time, budget cost, material quality) we will solve for and determine the nature of the third variable.

Colfax-Magnolia Corner Commercial Mixed Use Rejuvenation


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