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OpenDoc is a document-centric approach which relies on part Editors that you actually use in a document as opposed to today's bloatware falling over from the glutteny of oft-never used or mis-understood 'features'.

BBEdit for OpenDoc Lite 1.0.sit A great OpenDoc part text editor. The ReadMes should be unstuffed with the OpenDoc components: "BBEdit*od Lite", "MercutioPlugIn" and the "BBEdit*od Lite 1.0" stationery file.

Some Cyberdoggers don't like BBedit od Lite on account of the MercutioPlugIn not getting along with Rapid-I-Bookmarks. This page provides a fix to the Mercutio problem:

Cyberdog/OpenDoc parts
Freeware Downloads:

Paul's DocBuilder AppleScript WorkBooks - Downloads I would have thought the title is self-explantory... things you can do with cyberButtons, AppleScript and Cyberdog DocBuilders. I promise to add more workbooks as soon as there's an extra minute.

In order to gain the full enjoyment of embedded pages and newsgroups within this site, you will need to use OpenDoc and Cyberdog, and select Enable frames, Play animation, and Enable Java and Plug-ins in Cyberdog Preferences:Web icon.

After reading about the Mercutio MDEF Bug and MacNN's article I used Resedit to update MercutioPlugIn's and ClarisHomePage's mdef with the Mercutio 1.5.2 updater. I don't use the Patches due to the speed hit nor do I use the extension MercutioGNDPatch. The Mercutio 1.5.2 updater stops crashes without unpleasant side effects.

Chris Cotton's OpenFileService.sit
A member of the original Cyberdog development team, Chris Cotton wrote OpenFileService which opens local HTML and JPEG, GIF and PICT files without having to key in file:///...


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