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MacOS Runtime Java for Cyberdog

John F. Allen found that one of his external links, Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus (embedded below with an updated URL address as of 3-5-2001) serves as a successful starting point for Cyberdog (running most all MRJ versions) to enable Java on any other Java-enabled site. If you unexpectedly land on a Java site (in cases where you cannot first load the Plumb page) switching to the Apple Applet Runner avoids a Cyberdog restart. (Thanks to John F. Allen and Marcel Vermeulen.)

Cyberdog uses the Apple Applet Viewer from MRJ 1.5.1 (an OpenDoc viewer you use to put Java applets into OpenDoc documents) with the complete current version of MacOS Runtime for Java (MRJ) - now at version 2.2.4 to run Java applets and applications using Cyberdog's browser. MRJ 2.2.3 had particular difficulty with Cyberdog in rendering Java sites albeit MRJ 2.2.2 continues to open Java sites without issue. MRJ 2.2.4 was touted by Apple (and confirmed by SecurityFocus) as the fix to a long-standing MRJ security hole.

Note: In order to gain the full enjoyment of embedded pages within this site, you will need to use OpenDoc and Cyberdog, and select Enable frames, Play animation, and Enable Java and Plug-ins in Cyberdog Preferences:Web icon.

Medical Billing Software for Windows and Macintosh by KIP and Anand's Java Applets also serve as starting points for Cyberdog to enable Java on any other Java-enabled site. (Thanks to Klaas Dijkhuizen.)


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