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Entering our thirty-eighth year of private practice, we continue to deliver and expand our award-winning design excellence over the gamut of architectural services: programming, planning, pre-design, schematic, and interior design, construction documentation, jurisdictional approvals and construction management.

Techniques, Specialties & Examples

We employ high-performance-outcome techniques including risk management, value engineering, project cost analysis in: 1) end user and client interaction, 2) consultative team building, and 3) development of collaborative working environments.

Our built projects are best categorized into six areas of sub-specialization: medical, religious, commercial, residential, multi-family housing, urban habitat strategic planning.

Our repertoire of specialized building types requires application of the best-suited aesthetic and functional expressions. We derive appropriate responses from: market-driven reforms in health care and technological innovation; symbolism and liturgical interpretations, respect of cultural context in renovation; and sensitivities of residential lifestyles' emotional aspects.

If you provide two of the three project variables (completion time, budget cost, material quality) we will quantify and determine the nature of the third variable.




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Research of Shopping Center Renovations

Research of Catholic Church Renovations

Church Building examples and resources

An integrated approach
Problem seeking for greater problem solving

Our firm's architecture philosophy holds that we apply the design process from the building interior to the exterior to the neighborhood and community beyond as an inseparable stream of overlapping and interdependent sustainabilities to be evaluated and solved.

Architecture cannot be sliced and diced according to internecine ego conflicts of the moment. Building form reaches deeper into the psychic with eternal significance and demands a higher rigor than what a committee of competing designers would yield.

Public health, safety, welfare and energy concerns are woven together to produce a result with a timeless sense of place and belonging.

We bring a well seasoned expertise in barrier-free design composed of seeking solutions which bridge age, range and extent of disability; knowledge of local, state and national building codes and standards with understanding of materials and their properties which include energy requirements, chemical compatibility, slip resistance, toxicity, flammability, allergic risk. When greater study of lighting, color, acoustics, indoor air quality, ergonomics, energy innovation and conservation is required, the respective specialists are added to our collaborative team.

Side Causes

Showing our clear leanings and commitment toward advancing Macintosh as the operating system of choice and the internet-assisted architectural practice, here are our contributions.

Release Memory™ is a cool utility memory fix hack and imparts a long-yearned-for but to-date, unrealized stability in the Classic Macintosh OS. The free usage period lasts one month.

Everything Cyberdog (freeware):
• AppleScripts to prevent crashing, to keep Cyberdog and Mac OS healthy
• OpenDoc parts
• DocBuilder WorkBooks
• Live streaming QuickTime
• Cyberdog.general newsgroup


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